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Where to start?
Select the Surnames entry in the left side menu or enter a name in the search form. To facilitate the navigation in the tree, the following conventions have been taken:

  • persons whose name is preceded by the marking Arbre Weydert (in the search result pages and in the person detail pages), are known direct descendants of the earliest Weydert recorded in the tree (Weydert / Weidert persons without this sign belong to lines that could not yet be connected with the main tree);
  • children whose name is preceded by the sign (in the person detail pages) have themselves descendants;
  • children whose name is preceded by the sign (in the person detail pages) are married, but have either no descendants or these have not been recorded.
The following abbreviations are used:

  • The country names are shown according to the ISO-3166-1 Alpha-3 coding standard. You will find more on this subject on Wikipedia;
  • The US state names are codified according to ISO-3166-2:US, the Belgian Provinces according to ISO-3166-2:BE and the German "Länder" according to ISO-3166-2:DE;
  • The abbreviation "NN" stands for unknown first names, surnames and places.
First names
In Luxembourg, first names were recorded in Latin, German or French, depending on the type of record and the time period. On this site, the first names of persons who lived in Luxembourg have been mostly standardized in French as is the usual practice today. A list with the most frequent first names and their equivalent in the different languages is available here.
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About this site
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